Travel Essentials for a Better Business Trip

Travel Essentials for a Better Business Trip

One of the differences between taking a vacation and going on a business trip is how you pack. A vacationer can stuff

clothes, shoes, swimsuits, sunscreen, and beach blankets into their luggage without a care, but a business person needs to travel light. 


Packing for a business trip is a matter of efficiency. It’s all about the essentials.

For many people, packing light is easier said than done. To help make the process easier, here are some travel essentials to improve any business trip.

Quality Luggage

It all starts with your luggage. In fact, using the wrong luggage could be the reason packing takes you longer than it should. Older luggage tends to lack details and features. It’s just not as functional or smart as newer models, so it may make it more difficult to organize your possessions. If this sounds like your problem, upgrade to a compact rolling suitcase with built-in charging ports. That way, you can charge your devices while on the go. Knowing that you’re as self-sufficient as possible once you leave your house can reduce a lot of travel anxiety. 


Hard-shell luggage tends to provide added protection over other luggage varieties. If you ever pack fragile items, then this feature will ensure that these items are transported safely during travel. Easy-turn wheels that allow for seamless navigation are important when you travel frequently. It can get exhausting when your luggage is constantly catching on things while moving through the airport. 


The ideal luggage will have a variety of zippered compartments for you to separate items you pack. Having an array of small individualized areas in which you can store smaller items is what you really need.

Items to Help You Sleep

Business trips typically involve presentations, networking, and long meetings. That’s why it’s essential that you’re well-rested and at the top of your game. Make sleep a priority by packing some key items. These should include basics like comfortable pajamas and sleep aids if you use them. Next, you should pack some travel-specific items that will make it easier to sleep on the plane or in the car, including:  


  • Travel pillow. It can be uncomfortable to sleep in an upright position. A travel pillow will support your neck and make sleep more comfortable. 
  • Blanket. Nothing’s worse than feeling cold when you’re trying to sleep. A blanket provides warmth and comfort so you fall asleep faster. 
  • Sleep mask. Bright lights and other people can interrupt your sleep or diminish sleep quality. A sleep mask blocks out light that would otherwise wake you up. 

In addition to these items, you may also want to pack headphones or earplugs since they can help block out the noise of surrounding passengers. Ultimately, all of these items will prove essential when trying to catch some extra sleep. 

Healthy Food Options

Airline food is rarely known for being good for your health. Fortunately, airport terminals have evolved in recent years to sell more than coffee, frozen pizza, and sweet desserts. Cafes that sell sandwiches on whole wheat and pumpernickel instead of white bread are more abundant. Salad bars are common as well. That said, it's always best to pack snacks of your own. 


Granola or fruit and nut bars don’t take up much room in your bag, but they can satisfy a craving. Small bags of sunflower seeds, popcorn, or trail mix are all great snack options that can easily slide into the zipper compartment of your laptop bag. 


In addition to packing snacks, it’s good to have an idea of where you can find healthy food options near to where you are staying. Do a search on your smartphone before you arrive. Read reviews and see what other travelers have said. There’s no reason business travel has to mean that you eat whatever food crosses your path. You will feel better in your travels and have greater mental clarity if you are able to maintain a balanced diet. 

Professional Attire

Business culture has become a lot less formal, but dressing in professional attire is still a requirement for many. It really depends on the industry you’re in. If you expect to do business as soon as you touch down, it's recommended that you wear clothing that doesn’t get wrinkled. Look for travel knits, wool, fleece, cotton blends, silk, and microfiber materials. In addition to business wear, you may also want to pack something more casual so that you can dress down when you’re not in a professional environment.

Final Thoughts

Business travel is always a balancing act, and you don't have time to waste. The best way to ensure a successful trip is to stay organized and pack smart. By including these travel essentials, you can stress less about the details and focus your energy on doing business. 

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