Travelrest® recently released three amazing products to help our customers get better rest while on the go. We released a sleep mask set, U-shaped memory foam pillow, and new memory foam and velour cover for the classic Travelrest pillow.

The first product we released is the Travelrest Tranquility sleep mask set. This kit comes with a sleep mask, earplugs, and satin bag to hold the items. The sleep mask is made of a soft material that contours to the face, has eye pockets for air flow, and room for blinking for a natural feel. If you are someone who likes keeping things orderly while traveling, this kit would be a great addition to your Travelrest Pillow. The satin bag keeps the earplugs and the mask together so you’ll never have to go fishing for them in your bag.



The second item we recently released is the memory foam neck pillow. For those people who enjoy the classic feel of the U-shaped neck pillow, our Travelrest neck pillow will meet every need you are looking for. The ultra-soft feel of the outer cover, combined with the contouring effects of the memory foam will surely help you sleep comfortably. There is also a small adjustable clip that attaches the open ends of the U-shaped pillow, so the pillow never moves once you find that perfectly comfortable position.



The final item we released recently is the new and improved Travelrest memory foam cover. After many reviews of the old cover not fully meeting everyone’s expectations, we did a lot of designing and testing to find the perfect solution. This completely new cover is made of incredibly soft velour that anyone will want to cuddle up to. There is an added zipper to the cover running along the side that allows the pillow to easily slide in and out. The hole near the bottom of the cover fits snugly around the valve, and the hole at the top allows the drawstring to still be used. There are also two pockets inside the cover where memory foam pads can be added for extra comfort. Lastly, the extra stretchy and durable elastic at the bottom of the cover allow you to roll up the pillow without removing the cover, and still be able to attach it to your luggage. We tested the cover out for 4 months of travel and it didn’t disappoint even once! This new cover is definitely worth the $14.95 for the added bit of comfort while traveling!