Adventures of the TravelRest Blanket: Best Uses and Tips for Folding Back Up

The TravelRest blanket is one of the best travel accessories to have for people who need to travel cheap. Nowadays, airlines rarely provide blankets for customers unless you pay the premium to sit in business or first class. It can be very chilly while flying, and the TravelRest blanket offers a perfect solution. Despite its ability to store back in a fairly small carrying case, and the lightweight quality of the micro fleece, the TravelRest blanket keeps you plenty warm on flights and much more. So what can the blanket be used for and in what circumstances will you need it the most?

Ways to Use the TravelRest Blanket

When the blanket is already folded up in the carrying case, it can be used for lumbar support and as a more traditional feeling pillow. Although smaller than a full sized pillow, it still offers the right amount of cushion and comfort to help you get some shut-eye.

If you are someone who needs to place something soft between your knees while sleeping, then the folded up blanket can offer you relief.

When the blanket is expanded to its full size you can choose to wear it like a normal blanket, or you can use the hole in the blanket to wear it like a poncho. The poncho style is nice, because it keeps the blanket from moving or slipping after you fall asleep. This method definitely keeps you the warmest, as it creates the feeling of being tucked in bed.

When the blanket is folded in its carrying case, you can also attach it to the outside of your luggage or bag with the small snapped loop on the case.

Places to Use the TravelRest Blanket

1) Car: Long road trip? No problem! Leaving a Travelrest blanket in the car for long car rides, or for your family and friends to take naps in the car has never been easier. Because the Travelrest blanket stows away in such a small and storable case, it will take up barely any space in your car. 

2) Airplane:
Like stated earlier, airlines rarely offer blankets anymore. The Travelrest blanket is perfect sized blanket to fit in any carry on bag, and if it doesn't fit it can snap to the bag handle. You'll never have to worry about being cold on a plane again.  

3) Train:
Make short and long train rides more comfortable. Trains are often air conditioned and in the summer when you might hop on the train in shorts, having a blanket to keep you warm until your destination will truly be helpful.

4) Bus:
Traveling around by bus? Buses can often be the most uncomfortable method of travel. Space is crammed, the seats recline very little, and you have no place to get up and stretch your legs. Having a Travelrest pillow could really help you sleep through the situation, and the blanket would be the extra touch of comfort. 

5) Home
: the Travelrest blanket is the perfect stowaway blanket for the couch or living room. It will take barely any space and is great for curling up to read a book, watch a movie, or take a quick nap.

6) Camping:
Curl up next to the campfire, or add an extra layer in your sleeping bag! Camping can get a bit cold at night, but no one likes carrying extra weight when they camp. The Travelrest blanket is a perfect solution. 

7) Wheelchair:
people who have to use a wheelchair often don't conduct body heat very well due to the lack of body movement while sitting. The Travelrest blanket is great for those who suffer from lack of circulation and body heat. 

8) Beach:
Use the Travelrest blanket to keep warm when the beach gets breezy.

    Tips for Folding

    Check out the video that teaches you to fold the blanket properly. It took me watching the video two times to figure it out. Here are my tips:

    •  When the instructor says to flip the pocket inside out, that means to make sure its flipped where the Travelrest logo snap is on the outside. 

     If you don't want to fold it nicely, you can simply stuff the blanket inside the pouch. It isn't as flat or comfortable, but it works. 

     After the pocket is properly flipped, fold the blanket along the seam of the zipper but make sure that after you lay it down the pocket is sticking up above the folded blanket like a top hat.

     After this part, the rest of the instructions are pretty straight forward. 
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