Tips, Tricks, and Accessories for Traveling with Kids

Tips, Tricks, and Accessories for Traveling with Kids

If you have kids then you know exactly how hard it can be to juggle taking care of the little ones, getting from A to B, while still enjoying yourself. Even though you love your children, having them around does make travel a little more stressful and little more difficult. With so much focus on your family, you might easily forget to take some time to take care of yourself and enjoy the moment. This is why we've created this list of tips, tricks, and the best accessories for making travel with kids simpler, more relaxing, and fun!


1) Plan at Least 2 Weeks in Advance so you have enough time to gather everything you need before a trip. Life can be very busy, so giving yourself at least 2 weeks should be more than enough time to put the small details of the trip together. 

2) Make Lists
: having lists to check off may sometimes help alleviate the stress of having to remember all the details of a trip. Because kids take so much care, you don't want to forget anything important at home, and having a list will help.

3) Visit the Doctor:
 If you are taking a relatively big trip to a foreign country, make sure you visit the doctor before taking your child along with you. Kids are very susceptible to illness so you should make sure your trip will be suitable for a child. 

4) Help Them Pack:
 If you have babies, then you will definitely be doing all the packing for them. However, if you have toddlers and older children they may have preferences on what they would like to take. Kids feel empowered and important when you let them make decisions on their own, and they will often be much happier on the trip if they know they chose to pack a particular item themselves. You should definitely guide them in the right direction and make sure all the necessities are met, but let them help decide what they might want to bring. It's also a good way for kids to learn what steps are taken when planning for a trip.

5) Talk Ahead of Time and Prepare Kids:It can be shocking for kids to just get put in the car or a bus or a plane and just take off to another place. Make sure the entire week before a trip you start to let your kids know where you're going, when, and what types of things you might be doing. The day and hours before entering the car or plane, let your kids know what types of sensations they might experience, and let them know you'll be there to take care of them the entire way. Mentally preparing them might help them act braver about travel.


    1) Snack Organization: There are plenty of ways to organize snacks, but we've seen a couple we really like. One way is to use a jewelry or bead box organizer to fit very small amounts of many different types of snacks. Another way is to just utilize ziplock bags with each persons name on it. If one kid wants a snack but not the other, you will know exactly which bag to pull snacks from. 

    2) Activity Organization:
    Use a hangable amenities or beauty bag to store different activities for kids. These can hang on the back of the seat or from the clothes hooks in the car. For plane trips, the activity bags roll up to fit in a bag while still remaining organized. 

    3) Hard Candy for Airplanes
    : Taking a hard candy like life savers on an airplane is great for kids because letting them suck on candy can often help with pressure equalization. Giving them a couple pieces during takeoff and a couple pieces during descent will probably do the trick. 

    4) Surprise Kids:
    Keep a surprise treat or toy in your bag until part way through the trip and surprise your kids with something special. It will uplift their mood and feel like they just received a nice present. 

    5) Separate Outfits in Ziplock Bags: Putting each outfit in a bag for each designated day or occasion makes getting dressed easier, and less fussy. 


      1) The Travelrest Bundle: Travelrest's pillow, blanket, and memory foam cover are must-have items for traveling with kids. Have enough for each child or person in your family so everyone can get some quick shut eye when they need it. Travelrest's sleep accessories for travel make resting simple, comfortable, and quick.

      2) Kids Backpack/ Luggage: Let kids take some of their own items in a small backpack or luggage. It will help keep their items separate and easily accessible to them. You won't have to worry about misplacing your kids items amongst yours since they will be toting some things themselves. Not to mention, offering them the responsibility of taking their own bag can make your kids feel like adults. Just make sure they don't leave their bag anywhere!

      3) Snack Stackers:
      Stackable, portable, small snack bins that give you options and eliminate mess. We really like ZoLi's stacking snack dispensers. 

      4) Tablet or Portable Media Player: Having a tablet or portable media player for your kids on long trips can help keep them entertained, while leaving you relaxed. Although you don't want to leave your child unattended with a media player in hand all the time, it can definitely make the car rides and airplane rides easier to manage.

      5) Books & Games: Don't underestimate the power of a good read or some simple board games. Kids can find entertainment and fun in simple things, so make sure you bring books and games for them to keep busy. 

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