"Bought this pillow for a flight to Europe later this summer. In the mean time, we tried it out on a road trip last weekend. Both my wife and I really liked the ease of use; quick to inflate and easily adjustable to the firmness of the pillow. Ideal when used with the travel rest cover. Great purchase and highly recommended."



"I'm pregnant and getting comfortable anywhere is already a challenge and we had a small road trip to go on for Christmas. I was actually able to fall asleep on the drive which never happens even when I don't have a giant belly to contend with! I used the "guitar" method of keeping the pillow in place, and it was 99% comfortable. The seam of the pillow itself is a little bit sharp and dug into my neck a bit, but with how well this worked, I'll probably end up getting the cover for this and it won't be an issue anymore. It was nice having the pillow go across my body to have something to do with my arms, it was a very comfortable and natural feeling position to be in. Inflating was really easy, 3 full breaths and it was fully inflated, I ended up letting out a tiny bit of air so it was a tad softer. Deflating was also a breeze, lift the cap and stick your finger in and that's pretty much all you have to do. Took only a second. It rolls up small and doesn't take up much space, great idea to clip it onto your luggage when travelling with suitcases. My mom lives overseas and often is in the air for over 24 hours to come visit, I'll absolutely be getting one of these for her to travel with since she hates the around the neck pillows! This is SO much better."



"I have used  this travel pillow on long haul journeys from Canada to India (around 20 hours flying time), Canada to Argentina (14 hours) and Canada to Australia (20 hours plus) - so I think that I am well qualified to give a review on this. The pillow is great because it rolls up and fits in your handbag, then when you get in flight you can quickly inflate it, and then put it across you (like in the picture) and then snuggle up for a good sleep. Usually I try to get the window and the pillow is good because you can lean up again the side of the plane. However when you sick of that side (which you do on long flights) - it is easy to switch it over to the other side. I like the way you can wrap your arm around it and connect it to the seatbelt to keep it secure. This pillow definitely goes beyond the regular travel pillow and seems to be quite durable - plus the deep red colour of the one I purchased is lovely. Hopefully I get many more uses out of this - I would purchase this again if I had to!"



Seriously the best thing I have purchased for travelling. A 3 hour delay plus a 9 hour flight.. this pillow made it bearable. Choose a seat next to a window on flights and it works perfectly. Recommend purchasing the cover for this also as it provides softness and the memory foam in the head piece makes it very comfortable to sleep on plane. The Thermarest Trail seat also really helped out.



I found this product to be of high quality - the feel of the material, the ease of inflating/deflating, the compact design, the multiple positions it allows for in order to finally find your "sweet spot" for your neck/head to rest. In my experience, the first time around, it did take some time to find that position that feels just right; however, I did eventually find it and was able to have some reasonably good rest (overnight in a chair); compared to regular travelling pillows, which I've never had luck with finding that optimal support at all."

Olena B.


"Love the quick inflate-deflate. So easy to use and compact to travel with. It looks awkward but it is really comfortable to use when you are squeezed into those cheap economy seats that don't recline well. I'm telling all my friends about it!"

Donna B.