OnAir Comfort Valve

Welcome to the TravelRest OnAir Comfort Valve Page.

You will find information regarding the use of your valve as well as video instructions on how to reassemble the valve is necessary.


About the On Air Comfort Valve: The On Air Comfort Valve is the leading air valve on the market today. A step up from your standard air spout (what you generally see on a beach ball), the On Air Comfort Valve uses a larger surface area for quick inflation. The valve will allow you to inflate the pillow in 2-3 breaths (no head rushes!). You can adjust the firmness of your pillow by slowly releasing air by pressing the "On" button.


Why We Chose On Air: When designing our pillow, we kept in mind our customers comfort level. As flight altitude increases, air expands, making the pillow more firm. With the easy On Air Comfort Valve, there is no need to mess with trying to open and close a classic air spout. All you need to do is press the "On" button to release air from the pillow to create your own optimal level of firmness.



Troubleshooting your On Air Valve: In rare circumstances your valve may detach from your pillow. Review the video below for how to handle reattaching for valve.


Using the Travelrest Pillow: Reassembling the Valve